Meet Vaughn

broker / Land specialist

Born in Arlington, VA, his childhood began on the East Coast with the family farm for a playground. From a young age, he was taught the value of hard work and began to foster his passion for doing a job well. His college years took him to Norman, OK where he studied business at the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduation, he became an officer in the US Army and began his journey stateside in Fort Lewis, WA. Thus sparked his passion for the West and the mountains that stood there. And a deployment to Vietnam only grew his love for this country and his experience on that side of the war gave him perspective beyond measure. He truly knows the value of a life and the privilege of living in the land of the free. Once back in the states, he met his wife Judy and after many successful business ventures, life took them to Ontario, Canada to own and run a hunting and fishing camp. But, something kept calling him west…to Montana. So began his outfitting business and hunting lodge in Phillipsburg, MT. As grandchildren came along, Vaughn and Judy moved back to Oklahoma where Vaughn continued his love for the outdoors producing and filming hunting and fishing shows for ESPN. His heart was still in Montana. The grandkids grew older and it was time to go back to the place that felt most like home. And so his real estate management and brokering began. Now in Lewistown, MT, Vaughn is living his dream, outfitting and helping people find their Montana. His heart is for people and investing in relationships. This is more than a job to him, it's his life beat— to help people find their place.